Fume cupboard, often known as fume hoods, fume filtration or fume cabinets. Usually, they are located in the smoke extraction system installed in the scientific laboratories and physicians to protect users from harmful substances can be inhaled. All laboratory work which involved gases, fumes, particles or liquids that are handled in dangerous quantities and concentrations must be performed in fume cupboards to avoid any accidents happen.

Most of the fume cupboard are designed connecting to exhaust systems that expel the air way to the external of a building, a large amount of energy required to run fans that exhaust the air, and to heat, cool, filter, control and move the fresh air that will replace the air exhausted . Recently, laboratory manufacturer had been working on fume cupboard and ventilation system design which focused on reducing the energy used to operate fume cupboard and their supporting ventilation systems.

There are several factors that influence how effectively a fume cupboard will contain vapours. All users should be aware of these to ensure the fume cupboard is set up to minimise these effects. Schools and related departments have the responsible to ensure the staff and students have been fully briefed on the correct operation step before beginning work. Make sure they have read and signed off on the guidance document. After using fume cupboard, leave it in a clean and safe condition for next user. When the work is completed, ensure that redundant equipment is removed and the fume cupboard surfaces are cleaned without any chemical left.

FC120-0002 1.2M General Purpose E.G. Fumecupboard With Base Cabinet
FC150-0002 1.5M General Purpose E.G. Fumecupboard With Base Cabinet
FC180-0002 1.8M General Purpose E.G. Fumecupboard With Base Cabinet

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